First Morning of Camino Inglés in Ferrol

Continued from Ferrol: Parador, Harbor, and Pre-Camino Blessing 

I woke up to the delightful sounds of children in a schoolyard across the street from the Parador. Then, I enjoyed a hearty breakfast in the dining room overlooking the harbor.

The breakfast dining room had great views of the port

The breakfast dining room had great views of the harbor.

I adore these Nescafe espresso machines!

I adore these Nespresso machines!

The buffet breakfast kept me satisfied through the end of my first day of walking to Neda. Sure, Paradores might be fancy, but pilgrims are welcome! Check out this display of Camino Inglés maps in the lobby.

A table in the lobby had Camino Inglés maps in different languages!

A table in the lobby had Camino Inglés maps in different languages. Free for Parador guests.

And this display of Galician foods, including the famous tit cheese!

After breakfast, I took one last stroll around the Parador and surrounding gardens.

Here is a Facebook Live video I captured just before heading out, where I show my backpack, some gear, and the Camino Inglés map.  Please pardon the shaky camera in some spots.  I was excited to be starting another Camino!

So, who says Paradores aren’t for pilgrims?!?

Parador Key

The heavy brass Parador key and my ultra light trekking poles

REMINDER: To get the pilgrim rate which includes a free breakfast, you must book directly on the Parador website (not through See more photos of this Parador at: Ferrol: Parador, Harbor, and Pre-Camino Blessing

PILGRIM TIP: For those who are planning to do the Camino Inglés, I highly recommend joining this Facebook group,  Camino Inglés – Official English Speakers’ Group for real-time updates on the route. One of the moderators is Johnnie Walker, author of many Camino guidebooks, including the Camino Inglés guide that I used.

Order the latest at:

Order the latest guide at:

Up next, Ferrol to Neda.

One thought on “First Morning of Camino Inglés in Ferrol

  1. I’m so jealous you have stayed in a Parador, one of my bucket list items…plus the fact that you’ve arrived in Santiago and I am still have 195 kilometres (though next June I’ll be walking more…the San Salvador to Primitivo to Norte to Santiago…:P) Can’t wait to read more about your Camino though!

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