Camino Inglés: Exploring Betanzos

Continued from Pontedeume to Betanzos

Arriving in Betanzos

Arriving in Betanzos

The entrance into Betanzos, a medieval town, is through the arched stone walls and cobbled streets. When I arrived, I was completely exhausted. Fortunately, the albergue had a friendly hospitalero, an available bunk bed, and because it was a newer municipal albergue, everything, including the bathrooms, was in much better shape.

I did the daily pilgrim ritual of shower, laundry, and siesta, before heading out to explore the town.  Around the corner from the albergue was the St. James church. As my luck would have it, the church was closed, but there was a great café-bar across the way.

I ordered a café con leche, and the church bells started ringing.

I then jumped on the bar’s Wi-Fi network to catch up on everything back home.

Later on, Nancy and I scouted the old town for dinner and had a nice time barhopping and people watching.

Betanzos Town Square

Betanzos Town Square

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms for dinner. Delicious!

Scrambled eggs with mushrooms for dinner. Delicious!

We got back into the crowded but convivial albergue before curfew.  I was in a top bunk, above an old snoring man, but thanks to my earplugs, I managed to get a decent night’s sleep.

The Next Morning

Groggy pilgrims gathered in the kitchen for breakfast.  The kitchen was clean and well-equipped, but no coffee maker. Fortunately, I had an instant coffee from my emergency stash.  Nancy and I heated up  some leftovers from dinner. There were pilgrims I had seen throughout the previous day, and many new faces. I met a pilgrim from Spain who told me about his adventures bicycling the Camino. The Belgian woman talked about her previous Camino, biking the Via de la Plata for two weeks. Hmm.  Biking a Camino is something I might consider.

After everyone else left, I shot a video in the albergue.


On my way out of town, I saw these great murals of the medieval towns in Galicia. I have been to four of the seven (Tui, Coruña, Betanzos, and Santiago).

I would definitely come back and explore Betanzos. Learn more about it here.

Up next, Betanzos to Presedo.

All of my stages will be added to this page: Camino Inglés 2017.  There are more photos of my Camino Inglés on a Facebook album and Instagram.

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