Porto Memories: Coastal Stroll

Continued from Ferreira Port Cellars Tour and Tasting.

Matosinhos Beach

One of the tour’s included dinners was about a fifteen-minute drive from the Porto at Matosinhos Beach. I felt like I was back in California when I saw the surfers wearing wet suits.

A ship port is just north of this big sandy beach

A ship port is just north of this big, sandy beach.

On the south side of the promenade, there’s a sculpture of a giant fishing net.

Matosinhos beach lies on the northern banks of the Douro estuary and faces westwards out to the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is situated within the town of Matosinhos and is bound by the fishing and container port at the northern edge, and the Castelo do Queijo (cheese castle!) at the southern end.

After the sunset stroll, we had a nice dinner at a restaurant with views of the Atlantic. We enjoyed a three-course menu with unlimited wine. The thing that stood out was my mom’s gluten free meal. The chefs got a little creative!


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